Ghana, the land of Gold was yet again blessed with another rich resource – OIL in 2007. The oil production however started in 2010. With about 368 million tonnes of oil and a commercial amount of associated gas found 60km offshore, between the Deepwater Tano and West Cape Three Points, the government decided to develop a strategic plan to make use of the natural gas present in the discovered wells.

In view of this, a ‘National Gas Development Taskforce’ was commissioned in February 2011 by the government to review and make appropriate recommendations for the speedy realization of a national gas commercialization infrastructure system. In April 2011, the Taskforce submitted its report recommending the evacuation and treatment of associated gas from the Jubilee Field production.

Acting upon the above, the government then sanctioned the establishment of an indigenous company to undertake the project. As a result, the Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) was formed, hence giving true meaning to government’s emphasis on ‘local content’ in the oil and gas industry.

Ghana Gas was thus incorporated as a limited liability company in July 2011 with the responsibility to build, own and operate the infrastructure required for the gathering, processing, transporting and marketing of natural gas resources in the country.

The Offshore Pipeline, the Onshore Pipeline, the Gas Processing Plant, the Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Export System, and the Office Complex were to be established. This is also known as the Western Corridor Gas Infrastructure Development Project or the Ghana Early Phase Infrastructure Development Project.

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