Local Content Strategy

Our Commitment Runs Deep

Local Content

  • Investment in Human Capital
  • Our contribution to strengthening a nascent industry
  • Empowerment and inclusion of nationals in the management of the Oil and Gas resources
  • Building up national capacity through training, skills & knowledge transfer and employment
    within the Industry

  • Our Strategy

    By sourcing local goods and services and engaging local contractors and consultants we continuously provide opportunities for business and enterprise development. Key areas of focus in our local content policy include knowledge transfer, inclusivity and industry training.

    Knowledge Transfer

    Ghana Gas has engaged the services of AECOM, a specialist Oil and Gas Project Management Company to provide the key technical and managerial support skills needed to accelerate progress towards Commissioning of the project. The group will also focus on creating a Project Management Division of core project staff and strengthening the team through specialist training and skills transfer programs, which should lead to greater efficiency in Project implementation.

    Inclusivity & Capacity Building

    Ghana Gas is in the initial stages of implementing its wider Capacity Building plan to train over 100 Operations and Maintenance technicians in the key critical skills they need to operate the Gas Processing Plant. 60 of the successful trainees will be employed before the commissioning of the plant and this number is expected to increase once the Project expands into its full operational capacity. An estimated 25% of the trainee positions have been set aside for natives from the host Community in the Western Region.

    Education & Training

    Ghana Gas has also partnered established training Institutions in the Western Region including, Takoradi Polytechnic and Kikam Technical Institute to provide industry training in Operations and Maintenance (O&M), Gas Processing, Transportation and Welding. This will increase the opportunities for local residents to gain employment in the oil and gas service industry. Based on the success and measurable impact of our training programmes and partnership schemes within the community, we hope to further increase investment into educational and training programs by offering scholarships to gifted students. It is our intention once the project is fully commissioned, to implement a solely local hiring policy.

    Our Efforts So Far

    Over 80 different Ghanaian companies have been contracted by the Company to provide corporate services and supplies. Local Consultants have been employed throughout various points of the value chain to provide expertise in the following areas, technical, topographical, geotechnical, geodetic, Environmental Social Impact Assessment and Quality Assurance & Control. The Company has a labuor force of over 500 people in skilled and unskilled areas of employment. 100 engineers are currently being shortlisted to undertake training programs in operations and maintenance and maintenance of the Plant.
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