Damages to Line Pipes

22 January 2013

The attention of the Ghana National Gas Company has been drawn to damages caused by some persons to the pipes that have been strung along the Ghana Gas Right of Way of the gas infrastructure development project in the Aboadze area of the Western Region.

Ghana Gas suspects that the damage was probably not caused deliberately but as a result of people using the pipeline as a platform to cut open coconut.

For the information of the general public, the pipeline currently laid along the route from Atuabo to Aboadze is an integral part of the Western Corridor Gas Infrastructure Development Project being undertaken by SINOPEC for and on behalf of Ghana Gas. This is to facilitate the delivery of gas from the Gas Processing Plant, also being constructed at Atuabo to the Takoradi Thermal Plant for electricity generation.

The external coating on the pipes is to protect the pipes from rust and corrosion after they have been buried.

Ghana Gas wishes to appeal to the general public especially farmers in and around the catchment area to desist from tempering with the pipeline. Damages to the pipes cause undue delay to the project.

Ghana Gas continues to count on the support and cooperation of all as we forge ahead with the Gas Project.

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