The Project


In November 2011 Ghana Gas signed a Project Implementation Agreement (PIA) with Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation (Sinopec) to enable the early implementation of the project. Subsequently, an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) agreement was negotiated and signed with Sinopec.

Under the EPCC contract, Sinopec will execute the following works:
(i) to provide services for the FEED or Updated FEED for each of the Offshore Pipeline, the Onshore Pipeline, the Gas Processing Plant and the Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Export System (as each are defined below),
(ii) to provide engineering, procurement, and construction of
a. an approximately forty-five (45) kilometre shallow water offshore Natural Gas pipeline,
b. an onshore Natural Gas pipeline system, consisting of an approximately one hundred and eleven (111) kilometre Main Pipeline and an approximately seventy five (75) kilometre Lateral Pipeline including bitumen surface access roads (including culverts) from the nearest existing roads (of whatever surface) to the regulating & metering stations and valve stations of both Pipelines,
c.  an early phase Natural Gas processing plant to be located at Atuabo, Ghana,
d.  a NGLs Export System for the export of LPG produced at the Gas Processing Plant, and
e.  an operation office complex; and,
(iii) to undertake the pre-commissioning and commissioning of the Offshore Pipeline, the Onshore Pipeline, the Gas Processing Plant, the NGLs Export System, and the Office Complex.
Project Management
Ghana Gas has awarded the contract for Project Management Consulting Services for the implementation of the Western Corridor Gas Infrastructure Development Project to AECOM Technology Corporation (AECOM) a US based global provider of professional technical and management support services. 
Under the terms of the agreement, AECOM will take over construction and engineering management from Ghana Gas, conduct Factory Acceptance Testing of all critical equipment, supervise integration of all systems, perform pre-commissioning and commissioning of the entire systems and manage transition from construction to operational start-up. AECOM will also develop the Project Management Directorate of Ghana Gas by providing training to Ghana Gas personnel in project management.
Prior to the engagement of AECOM, inspectors from two companies, Velosi Ghana and Worrall Lees Associates Ltd., of UK had been engaged to work with Ghana Gas personnel to manage the Project.