Sustainable Business

HSE Policy

Health Safety, Security and Environment Policy Statement
Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) policy is to conduct business in a manner that ensures the health and safety of people, and the protection of the environment, our assets and reputation.
We integrate health, safety and environmental protection into every aspect of our business;
We set goals that motivate each member of our workforce to contribute to our safety performance for continuous improvement;
  • We protect the environment by contributing to global flare reduction, using materials and energy efficiently, and minimizing our emissions and discharges;
  • We comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations;
  • We are prepared for and can respond safely to any emergency to mitigate impacts;
  • We require and supervise our contractors to manage health, safety, and environment in line with our safety policy;
  • We engage positively with our stakeholders and conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. 
Key Principles
We conduct our business on the basis of three key principles of safety that managers and supervisors reinforce;
  • Do It Safely or Not At All.
  • There Is Always Time To Do It Right.
  • When In Doubt, Find Out
At Ghana Gas everyone has “Stop Work Authority” and is obligated to exercise it when unsafe acts or conditions are observed.
Tenets of Operation
We pay constant attention to countless details in design, construction, and operation of facilities and the performance of our work. Our safety culture is based on Ten (10) Tenets of Operation, which form a code of conduct for our staff and contractors that managers and supervisors shall reinforce. These Tenets of Operation are intended to protect people, the environment, and our assets.
Every employee and contractor personnel understands our Tenets of Operation. We always:
1.Operate within design and environmental limits;
2.Operate in a safe and controlled condition;
3.Ensure safety devices are in place and functioning;
4.Follow safe work practices and procedures and act to stop unsafe conditions or actions;
5.Meet or exceed our customers' requirements;
6.Maintain integrity of dedicated systems;
7.Comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
8.Address abnormal conditions and clarify or understand procedures before proceeding;
9.Follow written procedures for high-risk or unusual situations;
10.Involve the right people in decisions that affect procedures and equipment.