General Manager, Commercial Operations

23 August 2018

General Manager, Commercial Operations

Commercial Operations

Responsible to:
Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for:
Manager- Contracts & Project Development 
Manager- New Business & Economics


Position Summary  

The General Manager shall steer Ghana Gas’s commercial activities across the entire domestic gas supply value chain including LNG, offer commercial, technical and economic advice on the commercialisation of associated and non-associated gas from the Tano Basin/ Ghana’s Oil & Gas Fields, and advise the CEO/ Management on the development of LNG gas imports with a view to secure optimal rate of return for Ghana National Gas Company.


Key Accountabilities & Responsibilities 

  • Gas & Liquids Commercialization & Business Planning
    • Draft, review of gas commercial clauses, modelling clauses of the relevant commercial agreements, negotiations, purchase & sales terms, risk evaluation and management, negotiations & execution of financial security arrangements to support Take or Pay & Send or Pay/ Minimum Bill Quantities.
    • Develop market research strategies and sales programme involving national and international markets for Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs).
    • Undertake Gas & Liquid Market forecast with a view to aligning gas demand to supply.
    • Plan and give commercial presentations to targeted industry stakeholders in connection with GNGC corporate mission, vision, business activities and economics of liquid to gas fuel switching opportunities.
    • Customer focus: Seek out meaningful and productive relationships with existing as well as potential customers, work to understand customer requirements & seek to discover unexpressed needs of customers and markets.
    • Strategy Deployment: Involves the whole organisation in developing strategies and plans, evaluate external opportunities and threats, internal strengths and weaknesses when planning. Integrate input from customers, government, gas producers and regulators into plan deployment.


  • Gas & Liquid Pricing, Tariffs Policies, Financial Models & Economic Regulation
    • Develop integrated cost of supply model for the downstream delivered gas price for power, industrial and gas conversion customers, including LNG pricing.
    • Develop mechanism to monitor international import parity prices of NGLs.
    • Maintain a database of macro-economic indicators for economic and financial analysis of GNGC gas gathering, processing and transportation activities.
    • Develop in consultation with the Finance & Gas Operations Departments comprehensive gas accounting processes for gas measurements, allocation, nomination, scheduling and reconciliation in relation to gathering, processing, transportation and marketing.
    • Develop gas pricing proposals with a view to achieving target GNGC Rate of Return for submission to PURC.


  • Energy Market Research and New Business Development
    • Conduct energy market research in the areas of power sector markets assessing demand and supply drivers of the power sector including sector reforms, capacity planning and load factors which are driving the gas markets.
    • Maintain and update database of long term thermal generation, industry and transportation development and gas supply alignment.
    • Follow the regulatory and sector reforms driving the Independent Power Producers markets and other gas demand and supply patterns.
    • Conduct research into related new business development including power generation, CNG markets, and joint ventures in gas conversion business such as fertilizer production, the mines and seeking interconnection with WAPCo with a view to moving lean gas eastwards to Tema, Benin and Togo load centres.

  • Lean Gas, LPGs, NGLs Commercialization
    • Lead in drafting, reviewing, negotiations of Ghana Gas’ Commercial Agreements with its Counterparties.
    • Develop strategies for risk evaluation and Management of Ghana Gas Commercial Agreements.
    • Develop economic models to test the economics of Commercial Agreements under Take or Pay, Firm and interruptible Contracts relating to Ghana Gas’ Gathering, Processing, and Transportation & Shipping Services.


  • Upstream Producer Relations & Gas Supply
    • Maintain business relationship with Upstream Producers with a view to understanding their plan of Development Objectives.
    • Assist in developing Gas Supply Forecast for the entire Ghana  
    • Maintain and update a database for gas supply reservoirs in Ghana’s Oil & Gas Fields.
    • Develop position papers for management regarding strategies that will increase gas supply and E&P activities Ghana’s Oil & Gas Fields.
    • Provide commercial advice and inputs into changes to legislation and submissions to Government and Regulators.


  • Development of LNG Imports & Exports Markets
    • Provide commercial advice on the economic structure of Ghana LNG Import Project to ensure optimal risk mitigation for Ghana Gas.
    • Provide Commercial advice to CEO/ Management on the choice of the appropriate LNG Regasification Terminal given the national gas supply and demand gap and the trends in the global LNG market.
    • Work closely with other Directors to ensure LNG Import Risk Mitigation structures are put in place.
    • In collaboration with other partners, assist in the development for Ghana Gas the case for LNG gas supply and   imports for Ghana.
    • Work closely with VRA, GRIDCo, MoE and other stakeholders to ensure optimal LNG Import and Export Strategy for Ghana Gas.


Authority Granted

  • As determined by the Chief Executive Officer.


Required Skills

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Finance & Statistics, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering or its equivalent and MBA or its equivalent from an accredited tertiary institution.
  • 15 years relevant experience in the oil and gas industry with 10 years in commercial operations.


Core Technical Competencies

  • Proactive individual 
  • Good people manager with entrepreneurial skills.


Interested applicants should submit their applications, indicating the position being applied for, by e-mail with Curriculum Vitae, Application letter, contact telephone numbers and e-mail address to:

Email address:

The Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Ghana National Gas Company
P.O. Box CT 3686
Cantonments, Accra - Ghana
Tel: +233 (0)30 274 4224


Deadline for application is 7th September 2018.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates would be contacted.